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TTT Magazine Reader Survey 2020

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The 980 respondents are readers of the print magazine and/or its digital version.

Satisfaction and reading habits

98% of the readers are satisfied with the magazine. Of them, 31% are very satisfied.

    • 85% of the readers regard TTT Magazine and its newsletter as the most important source of information in the field.
    • The average magazine reading time is 32 minutes.
    • Each magazine copy has 3,8 readers on average.

Attractiveness of topics and reader opinion

The readers are most interested in work wellbeing and occupational safety.

90% of respondents consider TTT Magazine professional. Other typical characterisations were topical, versatile, reliable, and practical.

Advertisement attention value and attractiveness

Advertorials with new verbal content attracted the readers’ interest better than advertisements based on pictures.

    • 71% receive useful information from advertisements.
    • 21% have got tips on new acquisitions or new products.
    • 63% remember seeing the second page advertorial. The lowest advertisement attention value figure was 25%. Advertisement attention value was somewhat higher in print magazine than in digital magazine. The average attention value percentage was 38.

Product and service advertisement attractiveness

    • 89% are interested in events and training
    • 89% are interested in health and wellbeing services
    • 86% are interested in leisure activities
    • 77% are interested in other safety products
    • 75% are interested in safety clothing, gloves, and footwear
    • 75% are interested in other personal safety products
    • 72% are interested on projects and organisations

Respondent data

    • 29% work in a community of 200 persons or more,
      11% in a community of 50–199 persons,
      16% in a community of 20–49 persons,
      19% in a community of 10–19 persons.
    • 78% work in occupational safety positions,
      9% in human resource management, and 3% in occupational health.
    • 12% make procurement decisions independently, 34% are involved in procurement decision making groups, and 28% give procurement recommendations or are involved in procurement preparation.


The reader survey was carried out by JHelske Research in autumn 2020.

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